On 13 May 2015, the European Commission released its proposal for a mandatory migrant quota system.

Under the plans, the EU will create a permanent system of distribution of non-EU migrants among Member States to relieve pressure from the most common targets for newly arrived migrants and to share responsibility for “mass influxes” of non-EU migrants during times of “emergency”.

The EU’s executive commission appears to want European Union countries to show solidarity with Italy, Greece and Malta, which have been overwhelmed this year by war refugees from Syria, who make extremely dangerous trips across Mediterranean to reach their destination.

The proposed system would set limits for a maximum number of refugees in each of EU member state based on a number of factors like population, employment levels, standards of living etc. It has been suggested that once any particular member state reaches its limit, migrants seeking asylum there would be sent over to other countries, which will have to accept them.

In the current climate, it would most likely mean that the number of migrants in most EU member state would inevitably increase.

The UK, which is exempted from the proposed regime unless it decides to take part, has criticised the scheme and vowed it will not take part. UK Home Secretary Theresa May stated that the UK will not take part in any quota systems, as it would only encourage more people to risk their lives.

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