Tier 2 – Changes Confirmed for Minimum Salary Threshold and ICT visa

UKVI Customer Email Charges for Applicants

The Home Office has announced the details of the eagerly anticipated changes to the Tier 2 visa category, following the publication of the recommendat...


Brexit vs EU nationals in the UK

Brexit vs EU nationals in the UK Brexit or more easily understood as the British Exit from the European Union, has been a major media topic causing co...


The MAC – Migration Advisory Committee is back!

The MAC is back! Every person, who is even vaguely aware of the UK immigration, has heard of the infamous Migration Advisory Committee abbreviated sim...


Tier 2 – Recent changes and what to expect in the New Year?

IHS Fee Increase to £1,035

UK Tier 2 visa –  Recent changes and what to expect in the New Year? Tier 2 visa category has been in the spotlight throughout this year. The cu...


UK Investor Visa Tier 1 – Money Stolen from Russia and China?


Transparency International has published a new report looking at the UK Investor visa Tier 1 scheme. Tier 1 Investor visa allows applicants to settle ...


Inside the migrant crisis storm: Impact on Skilled Workers

London Workforce Immigration Law Firm Edmans-Co-News

Inside the migrant crisis storm: David Cameron’s tough stance on immigration is affecting workers and students from non-EU countries above all a...


UK has the Least Family-friendly Immigration Policies


The UK has recently been ranked as the lowest out of the 38 surveyed countries for family-friendly immigration according to Migrant Integration Policy...


The Threshold for Recruitment of Overseas Workers

It is currently being widely reported in various UK news outlets that the threshold for recruitment of overseas workers is to be raised in autumn 2015...


EU plans mandatory migrant quotas for Member States

On 13 May 2015, the European Commission released its proposal for a mandatory migrant quota system. Under the plans, the EU will create a permanent sy...


Visitor Visas To Be Simplified – Only 4 Categories Left

From 24 April 2015 the UK visitor visa scheme will be simplified, and any visitor visa applications made on or after this date will be under the new s...