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We are immensely proud to announce that Edmans & Co was named Immigration Law Firm of the Year in the 2018 Legal Awards by the popular Lawyer Monthly magazine.

The listings outlining our rank and profile were also published in the latest edition of the Lawyer Monthly magazine earlier this week.

This is yet another significant award in recognizing the outstanding work we do in areas of the UK immigration.

The Lawyer Monthly Magazine award is presented to the firms that exemplify excellence in their respective areas while delivering outstanding services for the matters they have worked over the year.

“Our specialisation with the UK Immigration provides us with a niche that we can specifically focus on and this helps us provide exceptional services in this area,” director David Manasyan wrote in a newsletter sent to the clients following the publication of the results.

The Legal Awards of Lawyer Monthly celebrate and highlight the achievements of professionals in the legal sector across the globe.

Here’s a profile of Edmans & Co as published in the Legal Awards 2018 edition of the Lawyer Monthly magazine.

Edmans Co Law Firm 2018 Award


2018 has been an amazing year for us with multiple awards recognizing our hard work and your continued loyalty and support in our services. It was indeed fantastic working with you in 2018.

Thank you for being part of our amazing journey of yet another prosperous year at Edmans & Co!

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  1. Contacting BBB Just to confirm your stature in the U. S. marketplace, but wanted to applaud you for your open commitment to humanity as a whole. Salad!

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