In some circumstances an adult relative (ie aged 18 or over) of a person settled in the UK (ie a British citizen, someone with indefinite leave to remain, or someone with leave as a refugee or under humanitarian protection) may be able to apply from outside the UK to come to join their family member in the UK on a permanent basis.

Typically the adult relative could be a parent or grandparent, but it could also be a brother, sister, or adult son or daughter.

The requirements for this visa are very particular and difficult to meet in many cases. The two main requirements are, firstly, that the applicant must require long-term care as a result of age, illness or disability and, secondly, that they are not able to receive the required level of care in the country where they are living, either from a friend or relative or from a medical institution.

The inability to receive the required level of care from a medical institution could be, for example, because that type of care is not available in that country or that it is not affordable.

The applicant must also show that there will be adequate funds available to maintain them in the UK and that there will be adequate accommodation for them.

There is no English language requirement for an Adult Dependant Relative.