If your visa application has been refused, you need professional legal advice. There may be different reasons for refusal. The most common are:

  • mistakes in the application form
  • insufficient or incorrect documents
  • increasing complexity of immigration rules

The rules are getting more complex with every new amendment to the Immigration Rules and the law. Recent changes have taken most of the appeal rights away from applicants, substituting instead the process called “Administrative Review”.

The main difference is that “Administrative Review” is carried out by the Home Office/British Embassy, ie the same body that made the decision, while an appeal allows the applicant to go in front of an Immigration Judge at the Immigration Tribunal.

Our lawyers at Edmans & Co have years of experience dealing with refusals and appeals. Unlike many other Law firms on the market, we are regulated at level 3 (the highest level) with the OISC.

This allows us to represent our clients before the Immigration Tribunals and take on cases of any level of difficulty. We are renowned for being honest with our clients and we will always advise you on the best course of action.

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