An unmarried partner visa application is made by the partner of a person settled in the UK; a settled person is someone living in the UK who is either a British citizen, holds indefinite leave to remain, or holds leave as a refugee or under humanitarian protection. The settled person is called the “sponsor”.

The relationship can be a man/woman relationship or a same-sex relationship. The applicant has to show that the parties have been living together as a couple for at least two years (either in the UK or elsewhere) and that the relationship is genuine and ongoing.

Unmarried partner visa applications may be made from outside the UK or, in some circumstances, from in the UK, so the applicant may be applying either to come to the UK as an unmarried partner or to remain in the UK as an unmarried partner.

When making the application the applicant should show that the relationship is genuine and on-going and must show good evidence of the two-year cohabitation. The applicant also has to show that a financial requirement is met, either from earnings, savings or a combination of the two.

Earnings or savings from either the applicant or their partner may be taken into account. The applicant must also show that there will be sufficient accommodation for them and their partner and any dependants. There is also an English language requirement.

This visa enables the migrant to work in the UK, and after five years on an unmarried partner visa, the migrant may be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain.